Lexington couple headed home after braving Hurricane Irma in Virgin Islands

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington couple caught in Hurricane Irma’s path while on vacation are headed back home.

Traci and Bill Brislin rode out the storm in St. Thomas. They stayed at a hotel about 15 miles away from Irma’s eyewall.

“It’s been rough the last few days,” Traci said in a phone interview with WKYT Monday afternoon.

Traci, a Fayette County family court judge, and her husband, Bill, a Lexington Police detective, caught a ferry to St. Thomas last week after evacuating the nearby island of Tortola.

They stayed at a hotel with dozens of others while the hurricane hit.

“It sounds like a jet plane landing on top of your house that doesn't stop,” Traci Brislin said. “It just keeps going and going and going. It's so loud you can hardly hear yourself think.”

Fortunately there were only minor injuries to a couple guests at their hotel.

“We all pitched in at the hotel and people cut trees and cleared off paths and tried to clear off the beach and tried to share our food and water as best we can,” she said. “The little bit of alcohol we had left, we shared.”

Federal officials flew the Brislins out of St. Thomas on a helicopter to Puerto Rico, where their plan Monday was to catch a flight back to the mainland and, ultimately, back to Lexington.

“They had Kentucky Fried Chicken waiting for us, which was wonderful,” Traci said. “Usually when I'm coming back from vacation I dread coming back to real life; but not this time.”

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