Lexington couple stuck in St. Thomas talks about the damage from Hurricane Irma

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Kentuckian Ron Mollenkopf and his wife are vacationing in St. Thomas.

WKYT spoke with Ron earlier this week as Hurricane Irma was approaching, but due to the storm, we lost connection, and the conversation was cut short.

"You could almost feel the building vibrate. You know those windows were the shatter resistant windows, but they still wanted you to stay away from them. You could just feel them vibrating back and forth, violently," Mollenkopf said. "I mean I have felt 70-mile per hour tornadoes before, but this is rough stuff. It was way stronger than that."

It's been two days since Hurricane Irma went through St. Thomas and now the couple is taking a look at the aftermath.

"You know I don't see catastrophic, whole mountain sides ripped apart, but you know definitely the communications and the electric and stuff, I mean it is going to be off for a long time here."

With tropical temperatures, not having air conditioning has been tough on everyone.

"The humidity is what grabs you here. It's probably 80 percent humidity."

Now, the couple is trying to figure out a way home, but say they are thankful to be safe.

"It was quite an experience. We are just glad we got through it."

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