Lexington dad 'furious' after his toddler finds narcotics at Kirklevington Park

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Skylar and Ryan Springate are young Kentuckians, who enjoy a good day at the park. Just yesterday, they went with their dad, Corey, to Kirklevington Park.

"I feel like now I'm going to have to search the park before I let them play, which just seems so extreme," Corey Springate, dad of two boys, said. "If you don't have kids you can't understand, but your life becomes your kids when you have them."

Corey Springate heads to Kirklevington Park with his boys fairly often, to just let them be kids.

"At least once or twice every couple of weeks. It's just a fun time for them."

During this week's visit, fun turned to frantic in a matter of seconds.

"I looked up at him and saw he was smacking his lips and I watched him sit something on the table and I said, 'What is that?'. It was open, not all the way, but I opened it the rest of the way and it was a container full of narcotics."

Springate's son found a package full of drugs wrapped in duct tape on the playground. He thinks it'd been left at the park for a drop-off, instead ending up in his toddler's hands.

"They're still innocent, and it's almost as innocent as it can possibly get, so to have something like that introduced to them; To think that a 28-pound child would eat one of those or multiple of those."

Springate called police and then his kids were taken to the emergency room. Luckily, neither had ingested the pills. There was marijuana in the package, but dad says he found out those narcotics inside were Xanax.

"It kind of makes you feel like you failed as a parent because you spend so much time watching your kids and I watch them constantly, but it's impossible to watch them 24 hours."

With worry left on his mind, he wants the folks who left the drugs to know they could have caused a child to overdose.

"You never know who's in the park," he said. "It's a dangerous game to play."

Springate said those drugs are now in possession of the Lexington Police Department.

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