Sunday morning commuters greeted by snowy and wet roads

On Sunday, Central Kentucky saw another snowy start to the day, as winter weather sent drivers a little reminder.

It's not spring yet.

"It has just been a mess. I'm kind of over the snow. The ground hog saw its shadow, and I'm trying to tough it out. I'm trying to stay calm, but it's kind of getting to me," said Lexington resident Denisha Vinegar.

Other commuters who braved the gloomy morning told us they agree. "I think it has been a pretty bad winter myself," said Barry Scott.

Snow started to stick on Lexington streets just before 6 a.m. and lane markers became invisible soon after.

"I intended on going to church, but I changed my mind cause it looks pretty bad out," said Vinegar. Throughout Sunday morning, more than 120 church closing notifications streamed into our newsroom, as things got worse.

However, road conditions quickly changed as temperatures started to rise. Blocks of snow and ice turned to slush. "It's real drive-able. It's not slick. Kind of mushy," said Scott.

"Drive-able but it's not the best. People with trucks will probably fare better," said another commuter.

"I kind of slid a little bit so I said, no, it's safer for me to be in the house today," said Vinegar.

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