Lexington father killed in freak accident saves lives through organ donation

Published: Aug. 28, 2018 at 10:52 PM EDT
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A Lexington man killed in a freak accident at a Madison County trade school is now responsible for saving the lives of at least three others through organ donation.

"He was the only one in class who had never had any contact with horses," explained Veronica Lupo, who says her friend Bryan Moore wanted to try something new and promised to see it through.

"He absolutely fell in love with wanting to shoe horses competitively, and not just for the fun of forging, but for the horse as well, said Lupo.

That's exactly what Moore was doing last week at the Kentucky Horseshoeing School in Richmond, when family members say he was critically injured in a freak accident.

Loved ones didn't want to share details on what exactly happened to Moore, but say he suffered unrecoverable head trauma during the incident.

"Our school has tried to do everything we can to support the family because we were all with him when it happened, and we know how much his family means to him," said Lupo.

Moore made the importance of family clear to WKYT as well, when we spoke to him nearly two years ago after his father survived a workplace shooting.

Moore's father, Chuck Moore, was shot during a robbery at the Marathon gas station on Lansdowne Drive in September of 2016.

Classmates say to the day he passed away, family was still the center of Moore's world. "All you could ever hear was about his family. About his kids, about his wife," said Lupo. Moore leaves behind two young sons and a wife, who Lupo says never got the chance to say goodbye.

"He never regained consciousness afterwards and I think that was probably the hardest thing. No one ever got to have closure of speaking with him," explained Lupo.

While the pain and grief is hard to process, loved ones are finding a sliver of comfort knowing that a part of Moore will live on, in the lives he saved through organ donation.

"Last I heard, he was able to save about three people's lives when he donated his organs."

Lupo says the Kentucky Horseshoeing School plans to honor Moore at their upcoming graduation, with a special academic award for being at the top of his class. Loved ones are now collecting money to support Moore's family through a GoFundMe page, and hope to establish an official memorial fund in the future.