Lexington hardware store preparing for winter weather

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- Stores across the Bluegrass are getting ready to shovel supplies into the hands of shoppers getting ready for the upcoming winter.

Bill Edwards with Chevy Chase Hardware in Lexington has seen 42 winters come and go while selling supplies from his store. He says expectations for winter every year is every kid's dream.

"I like a lot of snow, that sticks around for enough days to ride sleds on. If that pattern happens three or four times, we'll be ok."

Edwards says he is ready to fill up carts with anything shoppers need, including three tons of salt. He says the snow brings positive business his way but with snow can leave his store losing a lot of money they expected to make.

"We can lose easily twenty-five to thirty-five thousand dollars for a lack of winter and the sales that go along with it."

He says the advantage of being a small business is they can get more in stock faster than others.

"We can react a lot quicker than the bix boxes. We get weekly deliveries from two different wholesalers and depending on the timing of the snow, we can have shovels back in two to three days."

Edwards and his team say they plan to be open and ready for any winter supply needs.

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