Lexington health officials host drive-through COVID-19 testing

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Testing continues to be a big concern in the fight against COVID-19.


For the third time in Lexington, health officials are hosting a drive-through testing clinic on Tuesday for those who believe they were exposed to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Health officials tell us they expect to test well over 100 patients.

"We're looking for patients who have more symptoms," Dr. John Richard said. "We're not really looking for patients who aren't having any symptoms or who are just having one mild symptom or something like that."

Dr. Richard says that testing is one of the most important things that health care providers can do for patients and Bluegrass Extended Care is doing just that, giving patients the chance to have some questions answered.

"Walk inside. Have it done. We do a quick little physical examine. We do some vitals signs, recognize what their temperature is, check their pulse ox and things like that," Dr. Richard. "Make sure they're okay, if they're not safe then we'll send them on to a hospital."

Dr. Richard and his team are dressed head to toe in Personal Protective Equipment or PPE, hoping that will be enough to protect them while they help their patients.

Dr. Richard says the disease is frightening because doctors still don't know everything about it, but they're hoping that more testing will lead to more knowledge, which can help everyone.

"It's so indolent. It's smoldering. It's smoldering right around us and we just can't even identify it," Dr. Richard said. "So, hopefully by identifying these hot spots and having these people do the quarantine, they need to do and keep them socially aware and isolated or at least at a distance, it's going to be important for us to make sure this disease doesn't propagate for months and months and years and year."

Health care professionals say that they're seeing patients from just about every demographic that you cand find. Anything from college students, medical professionals themselves, and of course the older generation as well.

The testing is going on until around 4 o'clock Tuesday at Bluegrass Extended Care in Lexington.