Lexington nonprofit's 3D printers impacting classrooms and lives

Published: Feb. 15, 2017 at 12:21 PM EST
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There's a nonprofit in Lexington gaining notoriety nationwide.

Opportunity for Work and Learning, also known as OWL, is the sole shipper of a popular 3D printer. The work of OWL's employees is showing up in classrooms throughout the United States.

"If they had this whenever I was in school, it would've been something that I would have enjoyed," said OWL employee Steve Goss.

Goss spends his day assembling and packing the printers.

"Economically, this printer is a very good fit for schools, and it's very easy for students to use without a lot of supervision and it's also very adaptable to all the projects that can be used in the classroom for instructional purposes," noted Goss's boss, David Boggs.

Boggs says Goss came to OWL through a referral. Like most of OWL's employees, Goss was having trouble finding a job.

"A lot of the individuals here have never worked, some haven't worked in a long time, they may have a mental disability or physical disability or a combination of those. They may be someone who's an offender trying to re-enter into the workforce and been out of the workforce for quite a long time," said Boggs.

While OWL is having an impact on classrooms across the nation, the organization is always looking for manufacturing projects for their employees. Boggs says, "The whole mission of OWL is to prepare people to enter into the workforce and become successful."