Lexington park gets centerpiece honoring its namesake

Published: Jun. 19, 2017 at 5:43 PM EDT
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A legendary African-American jockey is being remembered in an artistic way in Lexington's east end.

A sculpture honoring Isaac Murphy is being dedicated at the park that bears his name.

"Five years ago we sent a call out nationally for request for proposal for a signature art for the art garden," said Jim Emry, a volunteer at the Isaac Murphy Art Garden.

Now, the Isaac Murphy Art Garden will have that showcase piece by artist Tiffany Bociek to recognize horse racing's all-time great and African-American jockey.

"We incorporated the sense of Kentucky: the stone wall, the stone fences," Emrby said.

That uniqueness was something Bociek wanted too

The sculpture features intersecting horses and a horse shoe. The medallion is a giant image of Murphy wearing his racing silks.

The actual rider in motion was taken from one of his races

While Bociek is from San Diego, but from the start she felt it was important for this to have a special Kentucky feel.

"We wanted to keep it in Lexington so everything that was designed and built here and the materials are from here," Bociek said.