Lexington pizza shops prepare for Super Bowl rush

Published: Feb. 3, 2019 at 5:32 PM EST
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You might think of the Super Bowl as a big day for football fans, but the owner of a Lexington Domino's says it's also a day his employees are working toward.

"When you are in the pizza industry, Super Bowl Sunday is our game day as well. This is the day we train for all year," Christian Reisch said Sunday afternoon at his Helmsdale Place store.

That training will be put to use during a sprint that only lasts a few hours, starting about two hours before the game.

"The part about it is, it all comes at once. It’s not spread out over the entire day," he said.

Nationwide, Domino's expects to sell almost two million pizzas. Reisch says they'll likely sell more if the game is a good one.

"If it’s a close game, a tie game, we tend to see more business as the game goes on."

He expects to do three or four times the business he would normally do on any given day.

And the company could see more business in the coming weeks because of a new deal on their app.

It allows people to earn point by taking pictures of their pizzas, no matter where they get them. when you earn enough points and you get a free pizza.

"Even if they try it for free the first time because they order from our competitors, we hope that once they try our pizza we can win them over as customers."

Reisch says the Super Bowl isn't just a big day for pizza. They expect to sell as many wings on Sunday as they do do during some weeks other parts of the year.