Lexington police: Four found overdosing on 'serenity'

Published: Jun. 9, 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT
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Lexington police took four people to the hospital Friday night after overdosing on what officers think was 'serenity', or synthetic marijuana.

Police told WKYT they were called out to a gas station near West New Circle Road and Russell Cave Road around 6 p.m. Officers said they found four people in that area overdosing on the synthetic drug.

Police said one man had a bad reaction to the drug and put his head through the window of a business, breaking the glass. Officers told WKYT that man also tried to bite an officer. The man had to be tasered twice, according to police, before he was taken into custody.

"Sometimes force has to be used to take them into custody, if they are combating against us. You know, we try to make that the last line of activity for that situation but sometimes force will have to be used," Lexington Police Sergeant Jervis Middleton said.

Three other people were not conscious, police said. Officers believed they overdosed on 'serenity' because doses of Narcan did not revive the people.

"Narcan doesn't work on serenity. Narcan is designed for opioids and serenity works in another set of receptors in the brain," Lexington Fire Department Battalion Chief Joe Best said.

Police took all four people to a local hospital for an evaluation. They said two people could be charged for assaulting officer.

Police say the homeless population as well as juveniles are often targeted by dealers because serenity is easy to get and cheap.

"We've been having to respond to them being passed out, lethargic, hallucinating- the whole gamut of what comes with overdosing," Sgt. Middleton said.

Lexington police say no officers were injured.