Lexington asks homeowners to bring furniture inside in case Kentucky Wildcats make Final Four

Published: Mar. 26, 2019 at 4:48 PM EDT
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Hide your furniture if you live on State Street in Lexington.

This is the message University of Kentucky police are telling people in the area in case the Kentucky Wildcats make it to the Final Four Saturday.

In the past, students have rushed to State Street following big wins to celebrate, and some have burned couches and destroyed cars.

The police department will staff additional officers starting Friday night before Kentucky's Sweet 16 game against Houston. The city has already put notices on homes telling people to bring in any furniture that may be out in the yard. The city may remove the furniture because it could be considered a safety hazard.

Will Painter lives on State Street. He says he's aware of the notifications that were sent out.

"We have a couch on the back of our house just to sit back there and relax," Painter said. "They're going to make us move that inside."

UK police chief Joe Monroe is reminding students to celebrate responsibly because bad behavior can impact their standing with the university.

"One of the things that I cautioned students about is the student code of conduct does apply to violations off campus," Monroe said. "So they can be held responsible for their actions off-campus in the event they do something illegal."

Police have used pictures from cars being flipped and fires being set to identify people involve and press charges.