Lexington police say new website is helping them ID suspects, solve cases

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Lexington Police Department is touting its success with the LexIDme website.

Tips submitted through LexIDme.com go directly to the officers working on the individual cases. (LexIDme.com)

Officers posts suspects' pictures online to the website, and people can send in anonymous tips about cases. It's been up and running since June of 2019.

In that time, police have used it to identify dozens of suspects caught on camera.

Those pictures include a woman accused of taking money from a hospital donation jar, multiple people charged with using stolen credit cards, and people who police say stole almost $10,000 worth of iPhones from a Walmart in Lexington.

In some cases, they’ve even had the people from the website contact them about those crimes.

"We've even had people come forward that have self-identified. They say, 'That's me, I'm on the website. What do I got to do?' It's great, and I'm glad we are helping to clear crimes. Hopefully, people will be taking note not to do this type of stuff because there are cameras everywhere," said Brenna Angel, a public information officer for Lexington police.

Tips submitted through the website go directly to the officers working on the individual cases.

You can check out the cases on LexIDme.com here.