Lexington police warning online shoppers about porch pirates

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 6:07 PM EST
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It's the time of year when packages start going out, and thieves start taking advantage.

With more people shopping online, more packages and boxes will be left sitting in front of homes as those are delivered. Police say this gives more opportunity for porch pirates to act.

Nationally, the U.S. Postal Services expects to deliver 130 billion pieces of mail during the holidays.

Lexington police know this time of year they'll also be putting in extra work.

"That’s one thing that always concerns us every year. So we also try to combat that by having additional officers work on an overtime basis," said Lexington Police Sergeant Donnell Gordon.

There are some steps you can take to help prevent these crimes.

Make sure your deliveries happen when someone is home, or have your package delivered somewhere you know you'll be.

"We always say check with your boss first, but if you can have it delivered to your place of business, that something that can be an option for you," said Sgt. Gordon.

The post office wants customers to know they're making deliveries on Sundays. Last year on the first Sunday in December, this district saw 48,500 deliveries. This year during the same Sunday, that number jumped to 99,000.

"That’s especially important this time of year when they might be delivering those important holiday presents, and you don’t want customers to leave things lying around unattended on their porch," said Susan Wright with the U.S. Postal Service.

The post office suggests using their website to put your mail on hold if you're not going to be home or entering special instructions for those special parcels.

Police also say neighbors keeping an eye out for suspicious activity can be just as big of a help as cameras.

If you are a victim of theft, it's important to let law enforcement know and the post office so they can track the crimes.