Lexington restaurants reopen for in-person dining

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - To serve more people some restaurants have added space outside.

At J. Renders in Beaumont they opened their socially distanced patio. (WKYT)

At J. Renders in Beaumont they have a full but socially distanced patio.

Everyone seated at the restaurant had a reservation and people walked to their tables with their masks on and took them off once they were seated.

Owner Gwyn Everly says she did some rearranging and spread the tables apart by six feet.

Everly says she'll consider expanding into the parking lot depending on how long the 33 percent capacity cap lasts.

There are now four sanitizing stations at this location with one outside.

Folks are given paper menus and are enjoying drinks in red solo cups. It's all part of the changes Kentucky restaurants are making.

Everly says based on the crowd that has showed up, she thinks people are being considerate and following guidelines to keep businesses like hers open.

“I’m sure that everyone wants restaurants to remain open so I think everyone is going to do their best not to mess that up. So we've certainly taken a gigantic step forward and I don’t think anybody wants to see us take a step backward,” said Everly.

Everly says she is requiring reservations for the patio. People are welcome to pick up their orders and enjoy it in the parking lot too.