Lexington teacher sets up 'virtual pajama party' for students

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 1:28 PM EDT
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For kids, adjusting to life under quarantine can be tough.

Experts say developing a routine, and keeping up with classwork are key to helping them find their new normal.

For students at the Sayre School in Lexington, pajama parties with Dr. Annie Papero, have become an important part of their nightly routines.

"I just wanted the kids to know that we're thinking about them from afar and that we love them," said Dr. Papero, Head of Lower Sayre School. "That everything's gonna be okay and stories will go on."

What started as simple storytime sessions for Dr. Paparo, quickly evolved once her students got involved.

"They're mailing me jokes now," Dr. Paparo said. "I'm also trying to bring some of the outside in. Right now, we're looking at flowers together."

The production behind the scenes has evolved as well.

"It's like I'm 15 again. I can use iMovie and YouTube, but shoutout to my daughter, she's my camera crew," Dr. Paparo said. "It took us 6 hours to record our first video and we both cried. But now we can zip right along with everything. I pick my pajamas and the books and she picks the slippers and does my hair."

As a single mom, Dr. Papero understands the art of juggling.

"I knew our families were going to be entering uncharted territory, especially our parents in the medical field," Dr. Paparo said. "So, I just wanted to find a way to pitch in and help."

And good news for those busy parents, she and her daughter are currently ahead of their recording schedule, with no plans of slowing down.

Because of copyright laws with the books she reads, Dr. Paparo can't share these videos with the public. But she's encouraging others to use her new tradition as a template to help get them started.