Lexington woman's home targeted in rental scam

Published: Oct. 8, 2019 at 7:01 PM EDT
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A Lexington woman says she got a surprise days after putting her home on the market.

Gina Jesse says instead of offers to buy, she was getting requests to rent. She says a listing online showed her home for rent at a price lower than the market value.

"There on was my house. It was the exact ad my relator had put together. It had been hijacked and used on that website," said Jesse.

Shortly after reaching out to that ad about renting her home, she got a response coming from someone using the name Jesse Keith, which is the reversal of Gina's husband's name Keith Jesse.

"There was no solicitation for money. I'm not sure if it would have led to that, but it is listed at $650 which is a little low for the market here," said Jesse

Jesse was able to contact the sites where she saw the ad, and it was taken down. The only accurate listing is the for sale ad. She hopes this situation serves as a warning to other sellers.

Jesse did report this to Lexington police. She also talked with the third-party company that generated the ad out on numerous sites. She says they are working diligently to figure out how exactly the information got compromised.