Lexington woodshop gives hope to homeless

Homeless men working at Iron Bridge Woodshop (Photo: WKYT)
Homeless men working at Iron Bridge Woodshop (Photo: WKYT)(WKYT)
Published: Dec. 30, 2019 at 6:00 PM EST
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A Lexington woodshop is crafting more than just cutting boards and signs. It is giving homeless people a place to work, and giving them a new purpose.

Iron Bridge Woodshop was organized by Six Treasures Ministries, a non-profit founded in 10 years ago. At the woodshop, homeless men make coasters and other wood-workings. The the money they make off the products stays in the ministry to keep it going.

Nathanial Buck has been staying at the Hope Center, a Lexington homeless shelter, for seven years. At least once a week, he comes to the warehouse and makes perfectly cut wooden art.

"It makes me feel good. Makes me feel worth it. I can give something back," said Buck.

The woodshop was all Robert Littrell's idea.

"What i realized is that these homeless men that I was meeting were very similar to me in so many ways and i just became friends with them," said Littrell.

The warehouse-sized business had smaller beginnings. "We started one day a week. We would get a group of volunteers and homeless guys in our basement and we would work for four hours making cutting boards and then we would end with a meal at our house so we did that week after week after week for three years."

They eventually moved to a warehouse, and the hope is to grow from one day a week to more.

At Iron Bridge Woodshop, they say it's not about what the workers get, it's about what they give.