Lexington's unsolved murders of 2017: Help solve Kimberly Dayton's murder

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- On October 26th of 2017, someone told police they found a woman's body at the Matador North Apartments on Winburn Drive around 8:30 at night. The vicitm was quickly identified as 37 year-old Kimberly Dayton. Dayton was strangled to death.

By the time of this murder, Lexington had a total of 27 homicides, eight were unsolved. Lexington's mayor pointed the problem to the growing drug epidemic and a growing number of people living in the city. "Lexington is the fastest growing city in the state. There are many good things that come with that. Regrettably, occasionally we have events that aren't the best and aren't good," he said.

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