Lexington's unsolved murders of 2017: Help solve Tyler William's murder

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - 18 year-old Tyler Williams was found shot on July 1st just before midnight. Lexington police said he was lying on the sidewalk at Martin Luther King Boulevard and East Fifth Street. He died later at the University of Kentucky Hospital. Police don't know what Williams was doing there that night, or if anyone was with him before the shooting happened.

Jackie Shannon, Williams' grandmother, told WKYT after his death, "You don't think about anything like this happening. You would hope it wouldn't. You would hope and pray that it wouldn't."

His aunt said Williams had a lot of talent. He loved to draw, and had a kind heart. "Please, let's come together and put an end to violence because all lives matter,"Kathy Williams said.

Tyler Williams is the victim of Lexington's third unsolved murder of 2017.

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