Lextran unveils new brand identity

Published: Jul. 1, 2018 at 3:48 PM EDT
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On Sunday, Lextran unveiled their new brand identity outside of Whitaker Bank Ballpark. The bus, parked outside the ballpark, displayed new graphics, logo, and color scheme.

Assistant general manager Jill Barnett says it's more than just a new logo, it's the meaning behind the new brand.

"We have a new mission that we serve people and our community with mobility solutions," explained Barnett. "We really wanted to focus in on why we do what we do. That we serve people. We just don't put a bus on the street everyday."

All Lextran employees and their families were invited out to today's unveiling, getting to enjoy the game while also meeting with members of the community.

Last year the public transit agency provided over 4.5 million passenger trips.

"We're trying to think ahead of what different solutions the community needs, whether that be on demand rides, public ride sharing, or transportation network companies. All those options we're trying to think how we can best serve the community and what that looks like today and in the future," said Barnett.

Lextran employees say they are looking towards the future,

enhancing overall customer and community experience, while also creating a more inviting environment for everyone.

"Who gets on our bus? It's the people in our community that are using our service to get to work, school, and quality of life activities that others might enjoy, that they might not have the chance to do if it weren't for that service that we provide," sais Barnett.

Lextran is also currently looking for mechanics and are encouraging people to apply and join their team.