Likely prank emergency call leads to heavily-armed Frankfort officers in neighborhood

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - People in one Franklin County Neighborhood woke up to a scary scene Thursday morning as officers were called to a home on Owenton Avenue because of a possible hostage situation.

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Turns out it was likely a hoax.

Police had the road blocked off for a little over an hour Thursday investigating after getting a call that someone was being held against their will.

"They repeated it over and over again, someone from this address come out with your hands up," neighbor Travis Hansen said, "You know at first there were maybe four or five cop cars, by the end of it, there were like 10 or 12, with half of them being detectives, the chief of police shows up."

Approximately a dozen officers, several holding rifles, approached the home.

"When you call in a wrong 911 call or a fake one, we are going to roll out like it's real until we find out it's not," Frankfort police captain Ken Hopkins said.

No one was at the home, and investigators were unable to trace where the call came from. This revelation upset people who lived nearby.

"It makes me very angry," Hansen said, "It was a prank call but something like that could have happened so close to home, so close to my daughter. She has to wake up to the same thing as these cops and I don't want her to feel unsafe."

Police say you can face charges for making these calls, and they want people to use 911 only in case of emergencies.

"Save 911 for actually emergencies because it puts everybody in jeopardy and everybody in danger, the community, neighbors and children," Hopkins says.

Police have not made any arrests.

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