Lincoln County homeowners hold intruder at gunpoint

MORELAND, Ky. (WKYT) - The Lincoln County sheriff says a man was caught breaking into a home in the Moreland community on Wednesday morning.

Deputies say Jacob Cole was not wearing a shirt or shoes during the break-in. (Lincoln County Regional Jail)

Sheriff Curt Folger says the homeowners held the intruder at gunpoint until deputies made it to the home on KY-2141.

The sheriff says that Jacob Cole used a hammer to break a window to get into the home.

Sheriff Folger says Cole was recently released from prison on robbery charges out of Jessamine County in Nov. 2014.

The Kentucky Department of Corrections tells WKYT Cole was convicted in May 2017 and completed his parole in Sept. 2019.

Cole told deputies why he broke into the home.

“He stated he had been doing some meth, and [was] trying to blame some actions on the meth, but still that doesn’t give you the right to enter someone’s home in that nature or in any other way.” Sheriff Folger said.

Deputies said Cole was not wearing a shirt or shoes during the break-in.

The homeowners were shaken up but not harmed.

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