Little Debbie ranked all their snacks and people are not happy

Little Debbie ranked their snacks / Source: (Evan-Amos / Wikipedia / MGN)
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(WVLT/Gray News) - Little Debbie Snack Cakes released an image that ranks their products into four categories, but not everyone agrees with the placement of each item.

The "legends" category consists of just Oatmeal Cream Pies, Christmas Tree Cakes and Nutty Bars.

Meanwhile, Swiss Cake Rolls are down a tier in the "you see it you want it" category and Star Crunch is all the way at the bottom in the "enlightened few" category.

On top of all that, cult classic Cosmic Brownies are all the way down in the third category called "crowdpleasers."

Some people are also bringing attention to one missing favorite: Fudge Rounds have been completely left out of the chart.

Do you agree with the rankings?

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