Live grenade found behind 99-cent store in Calif., nearby businesses evacuate

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KOVR/CNN) - A live grenade made for an unnerving discovery behind a California store.

A live grenade was found behind a 99-cent store in Fairfield, Calif. (Source: Fairfield Police Department)

No one was hurt, but it certainly was the talk of the community.

The explosive device-was found behind a 99-cent store, forcing businesses to evacuate as a precaution.

"I can't believe that somebody had a grenade. That's unbelievable,” one shopper said.

“Obviously, it’s not one of those things that happens every day,” said Lieutenant Jausiah Jacobsen with the Fairfield Police Department.

Fairfield police got assistance from Travis Air Force Base. Its explosive ordnance disposal team showed up to safely handle the grenade.

Those with Travis Air Force Base said when dealing with explosives, they assess the situation, look at every piece of the device, and then determine what or if protective gear is needed.

They say each situation is different, and in this case, a container was used to remove the grenade safely.

Fairfield police are still investigating how the explosive device even got there.

Shoppers are just happy nothing blew up.

“You just don't know what people do these days. People are crazy,” a shopper said.

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