Lost Lexington dog euthanized just days after being found

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington man is upset after his dog went missing, was found, and then euthanized just days later.

Michael Geers said his one-year-old Chihuahua 'Echo' went missing on July 2.

Geers said he went to Lexington-Fayette County Animal Care and Control the next day and filed a lost dog report.

On July 9, Geers said he got a call from someone who said they found Echo and dropped him at animal control the same evening Geers filed the report.

Geers said he was excited to hear the news and went with his son to pick up Echo on July 9. However, officials told him the dog had been euthanized that morning.

"I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach," Geers said. "It upset me and my son. We were under the impression that they would have called us if they would have got him in the shelter, but that's not the case."

We are told as part of a state and local ordinance, dogs are held for five days before they are put down, cats are held for three. Echo was held for six days before this happened.

Officials said Echo "did not pass their evaluation" to be put up for adoption.

Animal control tells WKYT when a person fills out a lost animal report, that is for "external use only," meaning if someone calls, they will match your pet. However, officials say they have so many animals that it is up to the owner to check back each day to see if any pets were brought to the facility.

We are told each person who fills out a missing pet form is given a paper telling them to check back frequently.

Animal control officials say if a pet has a microchip or a tag, they will hold the animal for 10 days before deciding whether to euthanize it. They say you can get your pet microchipped at their facility for $25.

We are told officials followed protocol. They also mentioned they have an 80% save rate at the facility.

Still, that does not make Geers feel any better as Echo is now gone forever.

"It's hard to go to sleep at night to tell you the truth," he said. "He slept beside me every night. If he wanted something, he would come to me. He was like a kid, actually."

To read the full lost pet policy, click here.

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