Lt. Gov. Coleman talks to WKYT about unemployment filing problems

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Many Kentuckians have lost their jobs and are having great difficulty filing for unemployment.

Exterior of the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort, Ky

State officials say they understand and are working very hard to fix the problems.

Thousands of calls are flooding the phone line and the surge in online traffic has crashed the servers. That’s just some of the problems many people in Kentucky are having when filing for unemployment.

Lt. Governor Jacqueline Coleman, who is also Secretary for Education and Workforce Development, says they are working to make it easier for you.

Coleman tells us they are processing 30 times the normal workload of unemployment claims. This, as mandates from Governor Beshear to close everything from in-person traffic at restaurants and retail establishments, and, starting Thursday night, in-person traffic at non-life sustaining businesses.

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We talked to a man who was laid off from the City Center in downtown Lexington and said he was told to call back later as more than 100 people were in line on the phone ahead of him.

Coleman says they have brought additional people on board and more will be moved to those positions as well.

“As we have trained 145 state employees from other agencies and brought them into the cabinet for education and workforce development," Coleman said. "And the goal is to bring that to two hundred.”

Coleman says she understands the wait times can be troublesome but says rest assured they are going to take care of everyone. She says people need to keep in mind that some state employees are doing jobs they have not done before.

Coleman says they have also upped the server capacity for the website by 7 times.