Lt. Gov. Hampton says Bevin chief of staff 'overstepped his boundaries'

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton is criticizing the actions of Governor Matt Bevin's chief of staff Blake Brickman after he said he authorized the firing of one of her staffers.

Photo: Kentucky Governor's Office

Brickman said Hampton's deputy chief of staff Adrienne Southworth was terminated for a number of reasons, including misusing state property and lobbying state legislators to pass a law that would provide more leniency for convicted sex offenders. Southworth said she was looking into who dismissed Hampton's chief of staff Steve Knipper in an attempt to discover who was designated to terminate his employment.

"Brickman has clearly overstepped his boundaries," Hampton said. "Every Kentuckian should be concerned that an unelected bureaucrat appears to have power over the office of the Lieutenant Governor, a constitutional officer duly elected by the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky."

Hampton would praise Southworth in her statement, saying she was her "eyes and ears" when it came to the state legislature.

Southworth continues to work for Hampton, and her time is being tracked manually until she is reinstated back into the personnel system. It is unknown if Southworth will be reinstated.

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