Madison County Schools showing support Officer Daniel Ellis

Published: Nov. 5, 2015 at 2:54 PM EST
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The community is rallying around injured Richmond Police Officer Daniel Ellis and his family during this difficult time.

Blue t-shirts and blue ribbons surround schools throughout Madison County.

"It has been a difficult, stressful, and anxiety filled 24 hours," said Erin Stewart.

Its been an especially difficult time at Madison Central High School after learning the officer now fighting for his life is the husband of their assistant principal, Katie Ellis.

"Obviously they are two people who have servant hearts and they both chose careers that take them out into the community to serve other people. Those people are special and we value them very much," said Stewart.

The heart wrenching news, nearly impossible for the tight knit community to process.

"It is like you are expecting to wake up and think wow that was the strangest dream ever but that is not what is going on here, this is reality...and it is difficult," said Stewart.

All of the blue outside of the high school is not just showing their support but is a reminder that the entire community is constantly thinking about and praying for Officer Ellis.

"Good reminder that this is a place that cares about its community and we are going to take pride in that right now," said Stewart.

Madison Central is known as the Indians and their motto is 'One Tribe' ... something that is now taking on a bigger meaning.

"Right now I think our whole community feels like one tribe. We talk about it when some big things are happening. At last night's vigil you could really see the tribe. Everyone was together not just the officers families, not just the first responders...all different people from our community are coming together," said Stewart.