Madison County first responders build family's first home

RICHMOND, Ky (WKYT) -- Building a home from scratch takes a lot of teamwork, and a group of Madison County first responders have signed up for the task.

"They're arriving on scene usually when there's something bad happening. Now they get to do something good," said Jessica Bell, the funding coordinator for Habitat for Humanity of Madison and Clark counties.

Saturday morning, police, deputies, firefighters, and EMS put on hard hats and got busy sawing wood, swinging hammers, and setting walls in place.

"We're finally to the point where we get to see the build happening," said Richmond Police Chief James Ebert. "A couple of weeks ago we did the blessing of the foundation, and to come back and see how much progress has already been made is just really warming to see."

First responders hope to complete the home in Richmond by September, so Jeff Baisden and his family can move in.

"I feel very blessed to have all these people here," said Baisden. "[I'm excited] to be like everybody else, own my own home, my own yard. It's mine. No more renting."

A Habitat for Humanity home costs on average $90,000 to build. First responders have already raised more than $30,000. They're asking for donations and volunteers.

For more information on how you can help, visit Habitat for Humanities of Madison and Clark Counties at

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