Man charged with endangering police officers

Published: Jan. 22, 2019 at 6:01 AM EST
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A man was arrested Monday, Jan. 21 after putting officers in danger, according to Lexington Police.

34-year-old Adrian Lee Bishop was pulled over on Grey Lag Way in Lexington for a broken taillight.

When officers ran his and his passenger's information, he learned they both had active warrants out for their arrest.

Three members of Lexington Police Department attempted to get both out of their vehicle when Bishop started trying to start the engine.

Officers couldn't open the door due to a broken handle. An officer unsuccessfully tried to reach and take Bishop's keys, when Bishop started the car and began driving with the officer's arm still inside. The officer was dragged alongside the vehicle, and suffered equipment damage because of it.

Bishop was able to get away, but was caught later that night on new Circle Road. He is in the Lexington-Fayette County Jail, facing several charges including resisting arrest, wanton endangerment and fleeing or evading police.