Man sentenced 2.5 years in deadly crash admits to drinking, smoking marijuana

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The man charged in a deadly Lexington hit-and-run crash has received his prison sentence, but the nature of his charge helped lead to a sentence much shorter than some wanted.

Photo: Lexington Police

After delays and setbacks, Eliott Moton walked into a courtroom for the final time in the case. The 27-year-old was standing before the judge and the family of Nina Okiwachi, the woman he admitted to hitting with his vehicle on Greendale Drive in October 2018.

Moton left the scene, and Okiwachi later died. He would turn himself in the next day. He was convicted of leaving the scene of an accident.

He told a judge Friday he had been drinking and smoking marijuana, but he claims that wasn't the reason he left the scene or why the collision happened. This was the first time Okiwachi's family heard those details.

Moton would also apologize to the family for his actions. Minutes later, he received a two year, six-month prison sentence.

"I should say that matters to me and that means a lot to me that you were able to take the most negative thing you did and use it to reform your life, but I'm not that gracious and I hope prison doesn't go well for him," Nina's mother Elizabeth Okiwachi said.

Okiwachi said it remains difficult to move on without her daughter.

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