Managers taking final steps toward getting gyms reopened

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Gym owners and managers across Kentucky are sanitizing their equipment and implementing new guidelines for clients as they prepare to open June first.

Gym owners and managers have spent the last few months disinfecting every inch of their gym and rearranging the way they operate to make clients feel safe while continuing their health journey. (WKYT)

Governor Beshear handed down a list of recommended guidelines that could help keep people safe while working out. Owners at CycleYou in Lexington said they've spent months thinking about what would be asked of them and how to make new regulations flow seamlessly.

"We are requesting that they stay in their cars checking in on their phone and not to come in until maybe three-to-five minutes before a class starts," said co-owner Dawn Scott.

Scott told WKYT staff members will be wearing masks and clients are asked to do so until they make it to their station where they will be working out.

Proof fitness managers have spent months moving machines around so they can not only socially distance, but clean between every crevice before their clients return. Owners there invested in MicoShield 365 to sanitize every inch of their gym.

"It's a coating system that has been applied to every single surface at both of our facilities," said General Manager April Smith. "The top of things, and then we turn them over and get the bottom of things, every single machine, the floor, inside and outside of all the doors."

Proof managers say the disinfectant is approved to be safe for human contact while continuing to kill germs continuously for 365 days.