Officials warn of firework dangers after hand is amputated

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A man's hand was amputated in a fireworks accident in Lawrence County.

The Louisa Fire Department said it happened Tuesday night near the Best Western in the area of US 23.

The victim was later flown to a hospital in West Virginia where the hand was later amputated.

Officials warn this is a perfect example of the dangers that come with fireworks.

To stay away from these dangers, Lexington Police want to remind people that anything that shoots up into the air and explodes is illegal.

There are less than a handful of fireworks tents around town and those are going to sell the smaller fireworks that stay on the ground.

Although the Lexington Fire Department recommends seeing a show put on by professionals, Lieutenant Jessica Brown says to really consider the dangers that come with fireworks.

"In reality you're purchasing an explosive and it can be dangerous. We recommend you only purchase from a licensed retail store, you should never let children light or play with fireworks, follow the manufacturers guidelines for use and what what means is don't try and line two or three up and set them off in a chain, only light one off at a time."

The Lexington Fire department also says they see a lot of fires and injuries occur every year due to fire works but urges everyone to be safe during this holiday season.

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