Marshall County Superintendent: 'I would not be for' arming teachers

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - The superintendent of a Kentucky school system recently affected by a mass shooting says he is not in favor of arming teachers.

Marshall County Schools superintendent Trent Lovitt was at a school safety presentation in Frankfort as lawmakers listened to strategies to keep students safe. While he says he heard some constructive thoughts on the matter, he does not believe there was anything he could have done to prevent the deadly shooting which took the lives of two in January.

"I heard some great things today. Is there any one thing that would have prevented what took place? I don't think so," Lovitt said, "He was one of our students. He was welcome in our school."

Lovitt says since the day of the deadly shooting which also injured more than a dozen, he says the system started backpack checks and using metal detector wands because students say that helped them feel safer. A new debate in the Kentucky legislature surrounds the idea of arming teachers. Lovitt says he will not endorse such a plan in Marshall County.

"We are not considering that, and no, I would not be for that personally," Lovitt said, "I wish I knew the exact answer. I don't think there is one answer for all of this."

This comes on the same day Governor Matt Bevin said he would be in favor of arming teachers during a radio interview.

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