Matt Jones to form exploratory committee to run for US Senate

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Matt Jones says he is forming an exploratory committee to run for US Senate.

Matt Jones (WKYT)

The Kentucky Sports Radio host first told the Courier-Journal he doesn't expect to make a decision until November.

Jones would also address the exploratory committee on his radio show. He said he isn't making a decision until November in part because of the Kentucky governor's race. He also said he has support from iHeartMedia to continue his radio show as he continues to consider running for Senate.

This comes weeks after Jones announced he would be the co-author of a book critical of Sen. McConnell titled "Mitch Please!"

Jones would also address reporters Thursday afternoon, saying he feels he will have an uphill battle if he decides to run.

"If you run against Mitch McConnell and you win you are making history. If you do that by also running against the Democratic establishment and you win you can be a senator that actually works for Kentuckians and you aren't beholden to anybody," Jones said.

Jones called himself a populist, and he said he has views that are conservative, moderate and liberal.

McConnell campaign manager Kevin Golden was dismissive of Jones' potential candidacy.

"Let us know when he's explored his way out of the primary," Golden said.

Rt. Lt. Col. Amy McGrath has already announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination. Former state lawmaker Wesley Morgan has also announced he will challenge McConnell in the Republican primary.

The McGrath campaign didn't have a comment on Jones' Senate aspirations.

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