Megan James' Forecast | Winter... is here

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Happy Sunday! Winter has returned with a steep drop in temperatures from yesterday. Out the door morning temps are in the middle 20s for a lot of folks, with a wind chill in the teens. Some areas in the most northern part of the state have wind chills in the single digits. Bundle up! Throughout the day, temperatures do not improve much. We hover in the middle to upper 20s, but winds will start to slow down from gusty conditions around 30 mph to sustained winds around 10 mph. The sun will break through some morning clouds as well.

Monday morning is a similar story, but even a touch colder. Low temperatures will be in the teens around sunrise with wind chills in the single digits. Grab that warm coat and gloves to start the day! Martin Luther King Junior Day will be a brisk one as we only climb into the uer 20s.

Temperatures gradually climb back towards seasonal as we head throughout the week. It will also be a dry stretch of days before our next rain potential rolls around on Friday.

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