Melanie Flynn: Crews continue to dig for missing Lexington woman near Kentucky River

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Search crews are still searching for a missing Lexington woman who was last seen 42 years ago.

Crews used an excavator to dig holes in hopes of finding Melanie Flynn's remains. (Nick Oliver/WKYT)

Lexington police and Kentucky State Police continue looking in the area of Murphy's Landing in Mercer County after they received two matching tips about the woman's disappearance.

Crews took a different move Thursday by not focusing on digging in one particular area. It's a long process, as they dig in areas picked up by sonar. They also cleared sections out near a wooded area. A cadaver dog was along the side of a road, and crews also brought in an excavator to dig two holes where the dog was, but they were later filled in.

"We are out here for a reason. We are putting it out there that we are here, and we want the public to know we don't forget cases like this," Lexington Police Sgt. Donnell Gordon said. "We are continuing to investigate these cases, so we hope while we are out here investigating that they realize that we are here to help them out."

The search is expected to continue for days.

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