Menifee Co. shelter helping two-legged dog get wheelchair

Published: Mar. 10, 2016 at 10:52 PM EST
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She's had a rough life so far.

A dog in Menifee County suffered life-changing injuries in an accident. Since then, she's had her two front legs amputated, making it hard to get around.

But volunteers at the county's animal shelter hope her story will inspire people to help her.

Shay, a chocolate lab, was likely hit by a car, said Renee Nichols, assistant executive director for the Menifee Co. Animal Shelter. Nichols believes Shay likely lay for a week with a broken leg until she could get back to her owner.

After her owners surrendered her to the shelter, Shay's broken leg was amputated. Soon after, the veterinarian found swelling on her other front leg. It had to be amputated, as well.

"We had to make a choice last Saturday," Nichols said. "Either euthanize her or take the second leg off."

Nichols didn't give up on Shay.

"I mean, I just didn't think I could do it, to be frank," Nichols said. "She's just such a great dog. She's loving. She's not...she likes everybody. Even the cats."

Against all odds, Shay hasn't given up either. When she feels up to it, Shay hops on her back legs to get around. But her friends have much more in mind for a special dog like Shay.

"We're hoping we can get her a wheelchair so she can motor like she always does," Nichols said. "We're committed to it, and we're hoping that everybody else wants to help her too."

It'll cost them about $650 to get Shay a wheelchair. That's a lot of money for Nichols' shelter, located in a county where more than a quarter live in poverty,


"Her total cost of care is probably a good chunk of the change for the entire year's worth," Nichols said. "If we have to do bake sales, we'll do it."

Whatever it takes, Nichols says it's worth it for a dog who has a lot of love to give.

"She can live a long life," Nichols said. "And she's just such a special dog, we want to do it for her."

Can you help?

The shelter hopes to raise $1,300 to cover Shay's wheelchair and surgeries.

You can donate


You can also donate to the shelter


Please help us help Shay. Shay is the chocolate lab who was injured in an accident and lost one of her front legs. Three...

Posted by Menifee County Animal Shelter on Monday, March 7, 2016