Millville community focused on cleanup after flash floods

WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky (WKYT) -- When it rains, it often downpours in the Millville area of Woodford County.
Last night, strong winds and thunderstorms flooded the community.

"I mainly just had yard floods, a lot of debris in the yard. I did have some water in the basement, but nothing I can't handle," said Joe Carter, who lives in the area.

However, Millville Baptist Church experienced more severe damage. The storms tore down the church's pavilion.

"My son called me from the house and told me that the tree had fallen on top of the pavilion and that there was a car underneath it," said Jeff Douglas, the pastor of the church.

Inside the car was a woman who fortunately was not harmed by the tree.

"It was split in front of her and behind her, so really she was well placed to be protected. We're just thankful for God's grace that she was protected from serious injury or death," said Douglas.

According to Millville residents, the area hasn't flooded like it did Saturday night in years. Many are now focused on cleaning up.

"People are pulling up carpet and baseboards, trying to dry out and prevent mold," said Drew Chandler, director of Woodford County Emergency Management Agency.

Millville residents who need assistance with flooding cleanup can contact the Woodford County Emergency Management Agency.