Miss. man dressed as Captain America caught breaking into shed

CLARKSDALE, Miss. (WREG/CNN) - There are a few Captain America fans to be found in Clarksdale, but maybe even fewer after the superhero was caught getting into super mischief.

David Hobbs was arrested after police say he tried to break into a shed wearing a Captain America costume and fairy wings (Source: WREG, Tribune, Clarksdale Police Dept. via CNN)

Tuesday morning, David Hobbs broke into a shed, according to police.

But it wasn't the nature of the crime that has people talking: It was his disguise.

Hobbs was wearing a head-to-toe Captain America costume, and while it's not in the booking photo, he also donned fairy wings to complete the look.

The man police say he tried to rob is a former Marine corrections officer.

The victim didn't want to give his name or do an interview, but he said when he heard his alarm, he grabbed his gun, grabbed the 'uncaped' crusader and held him until police got there.

The bizarre incident has neighbors scratching their heads.

"It's just crazy, you know. You come out at that time in the morning and someone's prowling around on your property. You know, you've got a family you're trying to protect," a neighbor said.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections confirmed Hobbs is already on probation for a grand larceny conviction.

"It's a good thing the guy got caught before anything tragic, you know, anything happened," the neighbor said.

Perhaps, next time if he puts his costume to good use and actually tries saving the world, he might just save himself a whole lot of embarrassment.

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