Missing dog found after a Lexington car accident

Winston was found by strangers after a car accident sent his owner to the hospital.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A lost dog was finally found in Lexington thanks to help from strangers.

Alexandria Rice was taking her dog Winston to the park when she was in a serious car accident on Richmond Road. She says Winston was scared and jumped out the window. Rice was taken to the hospital and couldn’t look for her dog.

"The nurses kept asking if I was okay and all I could say was that I was just worried about my dog."

So she used today's most powerful tool: social media. The Facebook post had more than 5,000 shares. Hundreds of people searched the Jacobson Park area and some even searched throughout the night. Rice says they were all strangers.

Winston was finally found around 10 AM the next morning. As for what he was doing the entire time…Rice has her own theory. "I said maybe he went on a little mission. I don't know what he was doing Indiana Jones-style, but he's fine!"

She says now that the mental pain of missing her dog is over, it's finally time to heal her physical pain.

"I’m pretty sore,” she explains. “Now that I’ve found him I’m kind of coming to it, but I wasn't really concerned about me until I found him."

Rice says Winston doesn’t seem to be hurt, but he’s going to the vet just in case.