Mom: Savannah Spurlock's disappearance 'gets harder and harder' each day

Published: Jan. 23, 2019 at 4:51 PM EST
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The mother of a Richmond woman who hasn't been seen since Jan. 4 continues to hope her daughter is still alive.

Ellen Spurlock has held onto hope for almost three weeks now since Savannah Spurlock was last seen leaving a Lexington bar.

"It gets harder and harder with each day that passes," Ellen said. "I just want to know so bad where Savannah is and that she is OK."

Richmond police say they've spoken with the men who were last seen with Spurlock as she left the Lexington bar that night. Officials have not said what information they gained from the men or where Spurlock might be.

New developments surfaced in the search for Spurlock, as police executed a search warrant at a home in Garrard County in connection to the case on Tuesday. Ellen was aware of the developments that occurred.

"They are not able to share with me details because it is so active, and I understand that," Ellen said. "I know they are working very, very hard."

Ellen said no news is better than bad news at this point, but she is also hoping for people to come forward if they know what happened in the case.

"Please come forward and share this. Please. I'm begging you," Ellen pleaded. "We miss Savannah. She lived with me. I see reminders of her every day in this house. I can't even explain the nightmare this is for us."

Spurlock is the mother of four children including newborn twins. Police have not revealed any details on the findings from the Tuesday search warrant execution.