Mom, who delivered her daughter at school, says baby is healthy

Published: Dec. 9, 2016 at 5:57 PM EST
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The Plouffe family has a talker on their hands.

"This is my mom and this is my dada. We are a family," Ella Plouffe said as she pointed at each of her family members. She's learning a new role. Ella was the youngest of two, but she just became a big sister.

There was just a trace of chaos before Ella's 9 lb. 6 oz baby sister made here arrival.

Dad got a knock on his door at work. He's the assistant principal at East Jessamine Middle School.

"When they came in and said 'your wife needs you right now' I was like 'well, I'm sure she's fine.'"

The two were expecting their newest addition, Grace, to make her arrival next week.

"I opened the door and sure enough she was sitting there and she just goes 'the baby is coming.'"

Mom, an 8th grade science teacher at the middle school, didn't realize she'd been having contractions and there wasn't anything stopping Grace's arrival.

"By the time he got there her head was already out," Allison Zemba said.

The trio had a great crew helping them, but the shock of it all happening in less than 10 minutes is hard to shake.

"I think we asked ourselves probably 30 or 40 times 'Can you believe that happened? Can you believe we had a baby at work?'"

But this growing family is just thankful their newest member is a-okay.

"You don't really plan for that, but everything turned out well," dad said.

Her older sisters are anxious for what's next. Ella was already asking if they could take Grace home.