Mom who lost teen sons to drug overdoses shares story with Anderson County students

Published: May. 1, 2018 at 5:01 PM EDT
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A mother who lost two teenage sons to overdoses on the same day shared her message for students at Anderson County High School.

"We live every second of every day missing Nick and Jack," Becky Savage said. "It's so hard to even comprehend sometimes."

A family photo of six is now a photo of four after Savage lost two of her sons.

"They came in. They checked in with me about 12, 12:30 and then I went to bed."

The next morning [June 14, 2015], she went to Jack's room for some laundry. He was unresponsive. She yelled for Nick, who was downstairs with friends, but he didn't run up to help. That's when she called 911.

"Little did I know there was another 911 call that came out of our basement," she said. "Nick's friends had heard me calling for help and went to wake up Nick and Nick was unresponsive as well."

They both overdosed. Savage said her boys drank at a graduation party and took pills offered to them.

She never expected this. They'd never been in trouble before.

Savage said she wants students to know, a decision only has to be made one time to impact family and friends forever. She spoke at Anderson County High School, hosted by student group 'Saving Our Students'.

Savage said, "I want these kids to know that they're important, that choices they make can have a lasting impact, not only on them, but on their family and friends, and to focus on making good choices."

She went on to say she hopes her sons lives continue to make a difference.

"Every crowd I look out to I know there are Nick and Jack's out in that crowd, good kids, kids who maybe are naive to the dangers that are out there and we're just hoping to touch one life."

County officials from the sheriff's office, coroner's office and courthouse were also at the presentation, talking with students.

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