Morehead business finding new customers through giving back

Published: Apr. 22, 2020 at 10:36 PM EDT
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Small businesses across Kentucky have been hit hard in the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic.

Many have had to shut their doors to customers and find another way of still reaching their clientele.

For many that has them thinking outside of the box, including two brothers in Morehead who are not only trying to stay afloat, but do their part to give back to Team Kentucky.

Right off Main Street in downtown Morehead is just one of many shops missing its in-person customers these days.

"When this all started and went down in the middle of March we had to close our shop doors and we were just kind of sitting here like what do we do you know, it's kind of crazy times," said Jared Ravenscraft.

Brothers, Jared and Josh Ravenscraft are the owners of

, a clothing business that was just starting to take off and then the pandemic hit.

"A lot of our employees were Morehead State University students and had to go home. So we've been undermanned, but we have been working really hard and just trying to help anyway we can," said Ravenscraft.

The business had a decision to make, either stay closed or do some good.

Ravenscraft and his brother created the Appalachian Strong collection and the proceeds are giving back to places like Appalachian Regional Healthcare and Feeding America.

They also have a new item for sale, something in demand, masks.

"We noticed that Morehead State Police and Morehead City Police, people at St. Claire needed masks as well so we have been donating to them," said Ravenscraft.

For every mask purchased they are donating one, it's a simple gesture from one small business and a reminder we are in this together.

"It just feels cool when people come together for something greater than themselves," said Ravenscraft.