Mother, friends raising money to help get young girl a diabetic alert dog

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ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Raynna Goosey carries her backpack around with her everywhere. For her the blue worn down bag acts as lifeline.

"I make sure she always has juice and fruit snacks and stuff in her back pack," said Jill Goosey, Raynna's mom.

That helps regulate her blood sugar. Raynna's been dealing with type one diabetes since she was eight. Since then she's had to cut back on time with her friends. It's tough for them; too.

"If she wasn't going to play with me it will feel sad to her and me because she wouldn't get to play all of the activities," a friend said.

After one rough night where Raynna's blood sugar was extremely low her mom decided it was time to do something about it.

"I was literally laying on the couch with me putting syrup in her mouth to just try to get her sugar to come up," her mother said.

So she started a fundraiser to get Raynna a diabetic alert dog to help monitor her blood sugar levels. Just recently the fundraiser which is titled 'Raynna's Journey' caught the eye of Bret Michaels who is also diagnosed with diabetes. Michael's plans to donate to Raynna's fundraiser through his 'Life Rocks Foundation'.

Raynna's mother says support from the community has been overwhelming. She says getting a service dog means independence for Raynna, but it's going to take a lot of money. She says right now they are almost halfway to their goal of $25,000. But for Raynna one dog isn't enough.

"Once I get my dog and we raise all the money I'd like to keep raising money for other people," Raynna said

Though her journey is just getting started helping others is not taking a back seat.

"Because I would like to help people how other people have helped me," she said.

Raynna's girl scout troop will be helping raise money for her dog at the Walmart Supercenter in Winchester on Oct. 1 to help donate to 'Raynna's Journey' click here.

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