Mother of 'hot water challenge' victim talks after suspect's court appearance

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MANCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - The mother of the Clay County child severely burned in a "hot water challenge" is talking about the case on the same day a suspect appeared in court.

Left: Billy Oliver suffered serious burns after having scalding water thrown on him (WYMT), Right: Angela Guth is charged with criminal abuse and wanton endangerment in the case (Clay County Detention Center)

Authorities say Angela Guth, 42, of Manchester had Billy Oliver at her home when Guth's child poured scalding water on him in July. Guth is accused of not seeking medical help for Oliver in the immediate aftermath. She is charged with criminal abuse and wanton endangerment.

The "hot water challenge" tasks a person to pour or throw boiling water on someone or have them drink it through a straw.

Guth appeared in district court Monday where a not guilty plea was entered on her behalf.

Billy's mother, Patricia Oliver, said her son is able to attend school despite the severe burns he suffered. The 11-year-old still hopes to play football this season. Patricia said she felt she could trust Guth to do what was right in the situation.

“It’s really hard. It’s a hard thing to swallow that someone you trusted didn’t seek help for your child when he was hurting," Patricia Oliver said.

Prosecutors couldn't comment on whether Guth's son could face any criminal penalties.

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