Movie buff? Kentucky Refugee Ministries to auction off meal with star Steve Zahn

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Movie buffs spot him on the big screen all the time, but now someone will have the chance to see him across the dinner table.

The Kentucky Refugee Ministries is partnering with Steve Zahn to help refugees in the community. The central Kentucky resident is known for his roles in big blockbusters like Sahara and War for the Planet of the Apes, but around the KRM center, he's known for his big heart.

"I just started volunteering at KRM and driving people to appointments. To me, it's a very patriotic thing to do,” Zahn said.

The KRM says Zahn’s help is also much needed. The center’s annual refugee intake has pushed upwards of 350 people in recent years, according to the KRM Lexington Director Mary Cobb.

“The goal is really to help them become self-sufficient and integrated in the community, and kind of on their own, where they don't need us anymore,” Cobb said.

However, it costs the center money to keep these services operational. That’s why Zahn is offering his comedic company to the highest bidder.

"Coffee, lunch, dinner, a snack? With me. Brunch? With me, in Lexington, you and another person. I'll buy. If you're a fan, awesome. If not, free food,” Zahn said.

You can bet on the outing with Zahn online or at the KRM’s upcoming “Passport to Flavor” event. But no matter who wins, Zahn said you can call the shots.

"We could do rooftop on Dudleys. Whatever blows your hair back,” Zahn said.

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