NASA administrator visits Morehead State to check out space program

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MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - Morehead State University has one of only five space science programs in the country. On Wednesday, the program got a visit from one of its biggest supporters.

Robert M. Lightfoot, Jr., the acting administrator of NASA, paid a visit to the campus, along with Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers. Lightfoot talked to students and people in the community about the benefits of Morehead's space program.

The program has grown over the years and has attracted big business to eastern Kentucky. One of those companies is Rajant, a technology company which has employed 15 space program graduates.

After the NASA presentation, Rajant officials unveiled a new program called "Launch on Alert System." Bob Schena, co-founder of Rajant Corp.,
says the program will give police the opportunity to monitor a scene before sending units out.

"Think of it as an automatic alert response for an e-911 call. So a call comes in, there's a problem, and the flight call can be created automatically. I think today the flight plan was created in about 12 seconds."

The system will be ready to roll out sometime next year.

The biggest export in the state of Kentucky is aerospace goods.

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